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Set-up & Troubleshooting

I received my Ethan Miner, so how do I set it up?

Your account is already set up at HiveOS, and your rig is configured in your account.
Your Ethan starts mining automatically when plugged into internet and power.

What coins can you mine with the Ethan?

Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Zencash, VertCoin, Komodo, Hush, and many more.
Coins that have GPU algorithms like Equihash, Ethash, LyraRev, LyraRev2, and NeoScript are candidates for mining with Ethan.

I know your site says the Ethan is quiet, but how much noise does it make?

The best way to describe the sound: if you're 10 feet away you won't know if it is on, or if your main AC is making the sound.
A standard home air filter device makes much more sound. If the TV is on you will not hear it at all from 6 feet away.

Is the Ethan set up with specific mining application is it part of a pool or solo mining?

We use HiveOS and all mining is pooled.
Ethan comes ready to mine after booting. We start you with Zcash and you can experiment with different coins as you prefer.

Will you be overclocking and adjusting the performance to maximize the performance of each card?

Yes, definitely. We strive for robust performance, not riding on the edge. Minimizing downtime we feel, is better, than having cards crash when the room temperature rises.
Regarding cooling, when doing our tuning, we expect that the rig will be in an air-conditioned space of at least 74 degrees F.

What is the CPU used and is it overclocked?

We use Intel Celeron. The CPU is not overclocked.

What is the hash rate of an Ethan Miner?

We rate Ethan at 960 Equihash hashes per second. You will experience at least that. Most customers report more. Each GPU is different and your operating room temperature will limit the GPU speed if it is warm (over 75 degrees).

Is the Ethan able to run windows and operate as a normal PC on top of its job as a miner?

Not as we ship it. You could install a hard drive and install Windows 10. You would need to use different mining software than we ship. We don't have the expertise to support that kind of device.

Do I receive a mouse and keyboard with my order?

It would be rare that you would need to use ether with your Ethan. They are not included to keep the price affordable.

What's Inside?

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Ethan Mining Rig Complete Parts List:

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